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When trying to avoid a traffic ticket, the most essential thing to be aware of is where you are in the current traffic pattern. Whilst many drivers will tend to slow down for the first two days after receiving a ticket, a lot of people donít, and by studying this website you will be better equipped to avoid tickets in future .

The kind of car you drive is a key factor. A brightly colored sports car looks like itís going at high speed even when it is stationary. However, there are many quality fast vehicles that donít draw attention to themselves. To ensure safety whatever car you drive, make sure that you have the appropriate electronic equipment to protect you from further ticketing. Ensure that you are aware of your situation on the road. Always stay alert. When on a major highway, keep a close eye on the on-ramps, as this the policeís number one hiding place. Try not to go up a hill at 80 miles an hour because you have no way of seeing whatís waiting at the top, and,if iís a patrol car, youíre going to be nailed by the radar unit before you have time to brake. Look out for any other places that a patrol car might be hiding; behind trees, around corners, or even in front of a large truck thatís driving in the right hand lane. That truck is keeping to the speed limit because thereís probably a patrol car in front of him, waiting for you to pass.

Try to keep in the right hand lane as much as you can because the police know that speeders will be in the left lane. Therefore you should make your pass in the left and get back into the right hand lane straightaway. Try not to weave through traffic because this will draw the attention of others and you will be stopped for reckless driving as well as speeding. Keep an eye on the rearview mirror, especially at night, for any car that may be approaching very quickly. If youíre cruising down the highway and a car is creeping up on you, it could be a patrol car doing a ďPaced Speeding Ticket,Ē or it might be another speeder acting as a ďrabbit.Ē

Sometimes when youíre driving down the highway, you will be passed by someone referred to as a rabbit. You should have no problem following this rabbit at a reasonable distance, a quarter mile or so, because they will act as a target for the radar trap and will get stopped before you even reach the scene. Just donít forget about your rearview mirror because the patrol car may have spotted him from a distance and will then follow behind you to try and overtake him. In this way, he could get to you first.

Also keep an eye on what cars are parked on the side of the road, regardless of their make, model, or color. If itís not a police car or an unmarked car, it may be another motorist in trouble, or somebody about to pull onto the highway, so be ready to avoid them.

Know where you are at all times. It can be your best defense in avoiding a speeding ticket.


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